The Future of Banking is Agile

The banking landscape is experiencing an accelerating digital transformation. Customers are increasingly connected and securely authenticated in real time, enabling new channels and service offerings in core areas such as payments, savings and loans. Additional complexity is added by ever growing compliance demands.

To solve these challenges we need strong product management focused on rapid and precise service delivery, as well as continuous improvement of the architecture, to reduce the burden of compliance. Agility requires customer oriented product teams, automated delivery processes, adaptive microservices-architecture and flexible container-based infrastructure. Uniting these capabilities for end to end flow efficiency is vital in order to stay competitive in a digital marketplace.

Want to Speed up Your Credit Application Process?

Forefront Automated Credit Framework enables banks to process credit applications in real time, thereby providing precise credit decisions with very competitive response times to applicants. Solution benefits focus on:

  • Automated credit decisions, with options to configure rules based manual approvals
  • Modularity to adapt functionality and react to market changes quickly
  • Extensible integration to add decision parameters for improved precision
  • Maintainability to ensure a stable, cost effective platform lifecycle
  • Customized delivery support including design, implementation and operations
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Forefront Automated Credit Framework has enabled us to achieve risk controlled and profitable growth with enhanced capabilities to develop the business and stay compliant with financial regulations.

– Credit Manager, Leading Swedish Digital Consumer Bank